Hello, I am Atsushi Mabuchi.
I’m working as a president of our company.

Today, I’m really grad to see you.
Let me introduce ourselves and our company.


Our company is located in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture.
The city is located in center of Japan.
So, it’s easy to move other huge city.
For example, Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

Beautiful Nature

There are a lot of beautiful nature.

In summer, you can swim everywhere anytime except for night.

In spring, you can see a beautiful pink tree that is called “Sakura”.

We have held a party called “Hanami” every year.

In winter, you can see a lot of white snow.
Have you grabbed the white snow?

In fall, you can see incredible tree that is called “Kouyou”.
Have you seen the incredible beautiful tree?

So, if you can join us, you can send a lot of incredible Japanese pictures to your family and friends with SNS.
Do you have Instagram or Facebook?


We have kindness and politeness for foreign person.
Because, our factory always welcome for foreign customers.
We have a lot of foreign customer all over the world.
So, we are used to talking to foreign tourist.


Our team are often joined a new member.
So, our team often hold a drinking party for a new member.
So, you can have a friend quickly.

If you can speak English, you can communicate easily in English.

Because, our team often use Japanese and English.


Our company has a lot of advanced technology despite of countryside company.
 just because this town is country side doesn’t mean the company is not advanced.
We are awarded for public a lot.
Our company has 1 5axis machining center, 6 machining center, 2 industrial robots, 1 drilling center and 1 advanced beam saw.

So, our company is the one of the leading company in our business area.
So, if you can join our team, you can learn advanced technology a lot.
You can use advanced machine freely and conveniently.
For example, you can use 3D printer and 3D advanced CAD freely during staying Japan.


Our company is located in North East of Seki City.
This city has around 80,000people.
So, this city is rural town.
Currently, there are some middle shops.
It takes around 15 minute from factory to shop.

※Huge pharmacy : Genky.
※Huge super market : Matsuoka.

Our factory has specific accommodation for technical intern treinie.
This accommodation is located next to factory.

So, you can have dinner at the home as soon as you finish your work.

※Huge super market : TRIAL

If you can go to huge shopping mall, It takes around 1hours to go to the mall by bus.
In fact, It’s too hard to go to the mall.

But, If you save money that you can send money for your family a lot.

If you would like to make good communication, you should join us.