Tomato industry has several dormitories called “No1 and No2”.

Both dormitories are located in next to the factory.

That’s why you are able to go to a work place shortly and comfortably without any time.

The dormitory maintains clean with dormitory student effort.

So, if you join the dormitory, you should clean yourself.

Moreover, if you join the dormitory, you should clean share space.

Individual Room

Our company has specific separated rooms for technical interns.

So, you have own time and own rooms without noise in your free time, if you want.

You are able to utilize clean restroom and clean kitchen as Japanese style.

Company Rules

You must be wearing indoor shoes when you are entering the kitchen.

You must separate the seasoning when you would like to make dinner.

Most Japanese hate the seasoning smells from foreign countries.

You don’t enter huge things from the market.

There are a lot of people that has specific smells with your clothes.

We must adjust Japanese culture and history during technical intern.

If so, you are able to get a lot of opportunity and thinking from our country.

You can’t enter huge things from the market into the dormitory.

Because, in the past, there were a lot of things that are almost gavage from individual.

Therefore, we struggled that we reduce the huge gavage from the dormitory.

Nowadays, there are a few things like gavage in the room.

From the experiences, we believe that we have to reduce the things from the room.

During the technical intern, you have to save the rule strictly, but, if you return your country, you have a lot of skills and experiences that how to clean the room effectively.