Our factory create a smiling.

Our company get a original culture to create a smiling.

A seal is not required

It is not required seal to decide a company direction.
Our customer don’t have to wait.


Our products manage for SDGs to make a sustainable products.


We manage the cloud technology for improvement of business.
We use the online technology.
We don’t have to listen to president long talk.
We can read the report every morning on online tool easily.

Product Development by myself

We are able to develop our products by myself.
We get the valuable experience from development.

A morning speech is not required

We are not able to listen to long boring speech from president.
We were able to reduce the valuable time for 1835 hours.

Flat organization

We have a flat organization.

Selectable clothes

We don’t have any uniform.
If you want to wear the uniform, we are able to choose a favorite color.
We think that it is important to make personality.

Convenience store in factory

There is a tiny convenience store in our factory.
Everyday, we are able to buy items from this store.

Robot Technology

We have two industrial robots and seven crean robots in our company.

Click here about robot in detail.
1. The drilling center
2. The robot cutting machine

Financial Report

Our financial statements is open for our all staff by president.
It is able to prevent wrong doing of management.

Click here for tomato industry financial information.

Grow the typing skills

Our company teach for our staff to improve typing skills.

Click here for tomato industry recruitment information.

Culture of approving

Our company believe that it is important to have time safely in work time.
Our company never criticize our staff.

Donate and Cheering to local(Souvenir)

Our company is located in tiny rural town.
If our company have to send a souvenir for our customer, we prepare the local souvenir from my town.

Click here for Tomato Industry’s local contribution activities.

Donate and Cheering to local (investment)

If our company have to develop my factory for construction, our company ask either our customer or local company to construct.

Click here for Tomato Industry’s local contribution activities.

Internship programs

It is important for us to do internship programs.
Our company always cheer for young person in local.

We are able to use our equipment everwhen

We have a lot of equipment in factory.
For example, track, forklift, heavy machinery, advanced CAD and 3D printer.
We are able to use these equipment everywhen.

Support of local

Local person are able to use our rooms.
Also, the local person are able to use our equipment.

Non smoking

Sometimes, our factory use solvent, so we must not use smoking.

Cleaning our company

All member are required cleaning our environment.
We are going to get the appreciation.

Buying the book

It is valuable for us to read books to grow.
If you get the book, our company is able to pay this book.
We are going to grow for reading book.


If you want to qualify, the company is able to pay the cost for qualification.
Our company cheer for your growth.

Theory of how to move

Our company have to improve our moving
So that we have to learn the theory of how to move in our factory called “Dousa Keizai Riron”.

Improvement proposal

If you give a improvement proposal, our company is able to pay 200 yen for all people except for president.

The prize of improvement proposal

If you get the top of the award, our company give you prize money.

The public factory tour

Our company sometime open our company.
Many family, local people and public person come our factory freely.


Our company always participate in local exhibition.
At that time, our company hold free work shop for local children.

Drinking party

Our company hold drinking party for free.


If our staff propose over 300 improve proposal , our company increase our salary on 3% permanently.

Tool management

We have to clean our tool cabinet.
Our cabinet is made by ourselves.

Typing support

Our company support to staff to learn typing skills.
Our staff are able to learn typing skills with pleasure.

Beautiful Location

There are a beautiful nature around company.
For example transparent river, deep forest, green mountain and blue sky.


Our company usually process heavy and rigid materials, so that we have to use a robot.
They are able to help us easily.
I believe that the robot technology made us happy.

Trindws20 OS

The robots has original OS.
The OS made us to opalate easily.

Office tour

We will prepare to tour for our customer.

Office massage

We regularly hold a office massage.
We are able to eliminate stress and frustration among the staff.

Customer first

Our staff don’t have to report to a boss, so that we are able to propose our customer immediately.

Telephone Appointment is not required

We must not contact for our customer without agreement by telephone.
This method is usually disappointing both my staff and customer.

Assault appointment is not required

We must not contact for our customer without agreement by assault appointment suddenly.
This method is usually disappointing both my staff and customer.

Direction method

We are always able to consult to reliable consultant.
It is important to work safely.

Interview of 1on1

We have a chance to interview of 1on1.

Challengable culture

We have challengable culture.
We are able to challenge of our company.

Show room

We have challenged to create a lot of new products over 200.
Our customer always see the products.

Support to disaster

My local was get a huge disaster 5years ago.
Then, we give a local people our hevy machinery, track and equipment.
If my local is going to get a huge disaster, we are going to able to open to use my office and factory.

Internet cloud manual

We have a lot of manual in internet online storage.
We are able to edit this manual freely and quickly.

Task check

We have a task system.
If we use this system, we are going to try the task easily with pleasure.

Online calendar

We have a online calendar that is useful.
Most people are able to see the member of the company schedule whenever.

Library of the company

We have own private library.

Open use on 3D printer

We have an advanced 3d printer in my factory.
All member are able to use this advanced technology.
We think that we would like to improve our skills through this use.

Work life balance

We are interested in work life balance.
We are certified this qualification.