Online Factory Tour:オンライン工場見学

Today, I am glad to meet you!

I am Atsushi Mabuchi.
Our company is Tomato Industry called “Tomato Kogyo.”

There is in Gifu prefecture.
Have you ever come to Gifu prefecture?

Our company is in such a rural town.

People said that there are a lot of monkeys than human.

You might be so surprised.

I’ll guide you around the factory.
Let’s go to the factory.


This is a first factory that is able to process the advanced milling.

Go ahead.

Can you hear me?

Our factory, there are a lot of new machines that is able to process variety of materials.

Could you hear me carefully?

At first , we are good at to process cutting, bonding , laminating, milling and edge milling.

By the way, I good at the go cycling !! hee—ha—!!

Oh! no!! did you hear me?

By the way, at the next , I am going to introduce my cutting machine.


The cutting machine that has three features.

1. Accurate

There are a lot of servo motor and stepping motor into machine.
Servo motor is able to cut really accurately.
Because , typically, servo motor is able to move by 1/100mm.
Also, the motor power is important for machine to cut accurately.
Because, If the motor power is not enough, The blade is moving and deformation.
If you want to cut the crab, you have to cut strongly.
If you cut weakly, the knife might be escaping.
This motor has 11kw that has incredible high power.
This power is 11 times than the microwave oven that you have.

2. Fast

The machine is fast.
The saw is able to process fast.
Because, the machine has a huge motor.

3. Variety of processes

There are able to a lot of processes in this machine.
For example, the machine is able to make to groove in the materials.
Moreover , the machine is able to make the bendable board with to groove.
Also , the machine is able to control to position the saw with encoder.
So, the machine able to make a window in the board easily.

At next, I’ll talk about the NC milling machine.


There are the milling machine of 7.
It is the auto machine that is able to process without person.

flexible process

The machine is able to connect the cad of our company.
Actually, there are a lot of operator in this company.
So, If Lionel Messi is busy, Cristiano Ronaldo is able to process the machine.
So, the machine is able to process unstoppable every day.
This is the secret of my company.
There are 7people that are able to create the cad program.
Other company, There is only a few member that is able to process the CAD.
You may have a question, Why does my company have a lot of CAD operators?

The reason is education.
There is a advanced CAD that is able to programing easily.
There is a feature, It looks like a Windows.
This CAD and the Windows are really similar.
There is an advance CAD that is unified.
So, If you can use the Windows, you can use the advanced CAD easily.
Also, our company has a lot of opportunity of leaning the CAD.

For example, We have a 3D printer.
This is a free to use everyone in our staff.
So, If you want to make a life goods,
You are able to make the life goods with this CAD easily.
It depends on your passion.
Also, we are able to learn everyday, everywhere.


There are a lot of kinds of materials.
So, there are materials that meet at first time.
So, occationaly, the machine got injury.
At that time, It is important for our company to repair fast than durability.
Why is the repair fast important than durability?
In your house, If your bath got broken, you can not take a bath.
But, If you have a repair skills in your house, you can take a bath after a repair.
There are different ,we think that it is completely different.

If your customer need to the product, you must want to know the delivery date.
If your machine don’t repair easily, you can not inform the delivery date.
We have a manual of repair completely.
So, If the machine is broken , we are able to repair immidiately.
This manual is a jewel of knowladge in my company.
So, If we get injury of machine but we feel so glad.
It is the secret of my company too.

By the way, let’s go the next factory.
The factory is able to make the laminating materials and painting materials.
This is rare that is able to process and paint the same factory.

Variety of materials and process

There are 14 kinds of process and a lot of materials.
So, our customer is able to make in one place.
The materials are variety.
For example ,we were usually able to process wood, plywood, MDF, particle board, plaster board, slag plaster board, siding board, ABS board , FRP, CFRP, cement board and calcium silicate board.
It is fast and convenience.

Development support and Design support

At present, the company need to develop fast and design fast.
But, almost , a minimum tasks are hated by all factory.
So, our company are always glad to do minimum tasks.
Also, the tasks are able to process fast.
If your company hesitates to do the development , don’t hesitate to call me.
I sure that your tasks are able to do fast.
Even if I get the minimum tasks, I am glad to get the tasks.

Today, I was glad to talk you.
In other , there are features.
Please came our company again.