Hello, I am Atsushi Mabuchi.

Welcome to our company!!

Today , I’ll talk about our company in detail.

At first , thank you for coming today.
Where did you visit the other company?

There are a lot of features that has a difference about our company.

At first , I’ll explain at the feature of culture.


1. Education

Our company has a lot of education programs.
For example, if you want to learn some qualifications,
You are supported by company.

You are send the receipt to the company, the company pay for the books.

Also, if you would like to learn the advanced 3D CAD, you can use the advanced 3D CAD freely.
Moreover , you would like to more learn the 3D CAD , you can use the 3D printer in our company freely.
This experience and advanced education will make you specialist.

2. Give and Give

The company philosophy is important for us to do honesty.
Our company must be “honest, fair , considerate, and appreciative”.

While the running of the company, we are able to develop the personality.

3. Creative

Our company is able to create the product yourself.
Currentlly, we must be creative.
Because, the era is too fast.
We have to catch up with the era.
So, we have to always advance by myself.

You are able to make the products yourself.

4. IT and Programming

You know that the IT is the most important for us to run the company.
In our company have improved the IT skills for long time.

For example , there are a lot of advanced systems , auto order system , online monitering,IOT programs , Advanced3DCADCAM , online reserve system,online recept sheet and online stock moniter.

These are always improved by the staff.

5. Robothics

The robot is complicated , but if the robot is able to use completely , we can release the staff from the heavy work and hard work.

So , we are improving every day.
The method will be happy all of the staff.