Thank you for coming to our web site.

Today, let me introduce our specific processing in detail in this page.

There are four specific processing in this company.

1. Simultaneous 5-axis Machining for Building Materials.

In this industry, there are no company that are able to process simultaneous 5 axis machining with tip point control type2 freely except for our company.

Our company has state of the art equipment and knowledge for building materials.

Our company is able to process up to 3m by 1.6m.

The thickness is up to 400mm.

So, we are able to process for all material what you want to process except for metal and stone.

That’s why our company has versatile customers for all around industry.

2. Wet Laminating Processing.

Our company has laminating machine.

The machine is rare for expensive.

In fact, there are only 40 companies that have this machine in Japan.

Moreover, our machine has short body, so we are able to change the tools and materials shortly.

In contrast, we don’t make those materials fast.

You know that nowadays, the small lots materials are increase compared to the past.

That’s why our company has a lot of customers compared to the past.

3. Short Time Response.

Our company is able to deliver shortly.

Our company is eager to make estimate shortly as soon as possible if you want.

We are able to enhance your development as a support company.

We have a lot of customers that are development department, prototype department and design department.

We believe that our customers are eager to develop its items shortly as soon as possible.

4. It and IOT.

Our company is able to utilize state of the art machines while we are able to develop It tools and IOT tools.

For example, we develop our specific IOT tools for factory with Python.

In the other hand, we are used to utilize automatic machine called “Robot”.

Our company is known one of the leading companies in this industory despite of small and medium company.

Thats why you should come to our factory as a factory tour in Japan if you want on behalf of Japanese factory for building material industry.

Please feel free to inquire us.