“Our company will make smiles “

The employee and company will grow up and we will contribute around the society.

  1. Open information.
    Our company will clearly open our company information.
  2. Fair
    Our company always appreciate that all customer , all connected person and employee.
    so, we will be fair persons.
  3. The employee and the company will grow up.
    The employee is able to supported by the company.
    For example, we are able to receive the to support that to get the exam, to get the books, and to improve.
    Our “unique improvement” was often interviewed by mass media.
  4. Contribute to Local community.
    Our company prioritize to give the investment to the local community.
    For example , Our company invest money to the local community.
    Our company always give the local gift to my customers.
    Our company sometimes lend the office to local people free.

Management basic direction

  1. Employment.
    We will advance to employ in the local.
    We will advance to employ the handicapped.
  2. Contribute to society.
    We will advance to invest to local.
    We will give the local gift to our customer.
  3. Factory Equipment.
    We will get the advance equipment.
    Thereby, We hope to make the dream factory that the factory is able to make a more effective without human very hard work.

Company identity.

Our company aim to to process the non burning materials in the business area.
Our company hope to provide the product fast to our customer.
so, we have to advance that we have to reduce waste, to effective and to improve.

Future purpose.

We hope to continuously improve our company.
Our goal is to realize the “management philosophy”.