There are two types of Tomato Industrial Dormitory, and the dormitory is basically based on the new dormitory.


There are several new dormitories in this factory.
You may open a party in company’s cafe with your friends.
Also, you may do a party of outdoor party in factory’s outdoor area in the weekend.
Besides, you may loud anytime despite of the night, because, there are no house around the factory.
Domitories were covered by wifi all around.

Things must be follow

Most graduater would like to retern our company again after graduated.
But, you must follow company’s rulle if not follow, you never work our company with us.
You should read and follow strictly.
You should attension accurately and strictly.
If you won’t follow company and Japanese traditional rulls,
Don’t be join our team.
If you would like to follow company and Japanese traditional rulls, we would like you to join us.

Regulation of the room

  1. Don’t bring several items from other places.
    Don’t bring unspecified items from other places.
    Because, if you graduate, you must dispose those items of at cost.
  2. Don’t go into the room with outdoor shoes.
  3. You must wear shoes for room when you are in room.
  4. If you would like to bring “Futon” and other, you must inform our General arrairs department.
  5. Drawing pin
    If you would like to fix into a wall about your pictures,
    don’t use any tape.
    Because, Japanese wall made of paper.
    You must use only prescribed drowing pin.
  6. Outdoor shoes.
  7. Don’t bring outdoor shoes.
    You must strage only shoes box.
  8. Animals
    Don’t bring any animals for a crean and flesh rooms.
  9. Using Toilet
    Our toilet were divided both only woman and man.
    You must follow the using toilet rules.
    You must utilize with sitting during using the western toilet.
    You must be into the room without outdoor shoes.
    If you don’t follow the roles, the person will be using only prescribed toilet.
    If your friends must not be following our company’s rules during the party, we will restrict the holding the party freely.
    Because, from the past, our company were costs for employees benefit like the free party freely.
  10. About Futon
    We can give advanced Futon for you as a significant human resource.
    If the futon get stain, you can clean yourself or we are able to send specialized cleaner.
    If the new people come into our factory, we can give fresh futon or refreshed futon.
  11. About moving
    Basically, you don’t move any rooms freely for 4 months.
    If you have any significant issues, you can move other room.
    If so, you should inform general affairs department.
  12. About electricity
    In Japan, all people turn off the items when you go outside.
    In old rooms will be counted how much use about electricity.
  13. About request to the dormitory
    If you have any request, you can request to the general affairs department.

    New dormitory water provide system.
    New dormitory kitchen system.
    New dormitory cupboard.
    New dormitory seasoning system.
    New dormitory lights.
    New dormitory shower system.
    Old dormitory seasoning system.
    Old dormitory constraction of windows.
    Old dormitory basement.

Regulation of the dining room

For dining room, you must be required how to eliminate any smells as a fresh air condition.

  1. Seasoning
    Basically, you should store into a prescribed cartridge.
    You can get yourself.
  2. Seasoning that are brought
    You can bring your own seasoning from other places.
    Don’t bring except for your prescribed own space.
    If so, the items may be eliminated into the garbage.
    The cap must be closed and the seasoning bag must be closed strictly.
    If you don’t follow the rule, the seasoning may be eliminated into the garbage.
  3. Eliminated garbage
    You must maintain garbage with cap.
    The person on duty eliminate quickly as a responsibility person.
    You must divide appropriately.
  4. About Tableware
    You don’t use the tableware that are not prescribed.
    The tableware are distributed by our company.
    You can name your tableware except for method of shaving.
    If you lost your tableware, you can inform our general affairs department.
    We can send your tableware immediately.

About dormitory usage fees

(New dormitory)
Total 25,000 yen

(Dormitory fee: 16,000 yen))
(Electricity: 5,000 yen (actual cost may apply.))
(WiFi: 1,000 yen)
(Water supply: 1,000 yen)
(Gas kerosene: 1,000 yen)
(Common service fee: 1,000 yen)


If you are able to use the dormitory and abide by the rules, please sign here.